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What is church anyway?

I have recently started reading a blog by my new friend Eliteinchrist and through this have thought of the topic of this post. The man who blog’s behind this name has posed questions to his reader to really push them into new thoughts. He brings new light to ordinary Bible topics that can often be controversial, yet seem so black and white when presented in his blog. Though, not everyone would probably agree with him, it would take a good look into the Bible, with real research to rebut him. Which I think may be some of the reason he blog’s like this. The reader is forced to pursue the one true God themselves.
Anyway, Elite.. and I were discussing church’s and denominations and it reminded me of how Dave and I still don’t have a home church. We have been to so many church’s in our area (and further), that we have become disheartened by what we have seen. The church of today is either in great need of money because they are building a new (unecessary) addition, they orchestrate like a business, they are cold and unfriendly, or they preach enough on Sunday to get your taste buds tingling but can’t fully satisfy your appetite for the “meat” of the Bible. I know that there is no perfect church, but we aren’t asking for that anyway. We just want a church who stops playing church and has less of people and more of God. My husband started thinking maybe he should give up being a computer consultant and go to school to be a Pastor. I told him, “Great!, because we already have experience in leading worship.” So we’re all set, lol!
We had previously attended a church where the pastor was more like a teacher who really studied and researched the Bible. Every Sunday left us feeling like we’d really learned something new about God and like we couldn’t wait to hear another message next Sunday. We never left feeling guilty, but usually convicted and challenged. We’d get the feeling like we really needed to improve in an area of our lives, but we felt encouraged like we could. Anyway, he ended up leaving to be a chaplain in the army. As sad as we all were, he knew that if he stayed in his comfort and didn’t go, that much of what he preached would be hypocritical because he wouldn’t be serving God the way he told us to. I guess this seems like such a dream church, except that I actually attended this church.
I have realized though, that my constant desire to want to trust a church and pastor is a false hope. The Bible tells me to put my trust in God…and from experience I now really know why. My every effort of fully trusting a person has ended in someone feeling hurt or rejected. My rock truly is the Lord and on Him I truly make my foundation. I know he will never let me go, and this is so comforting.
So I’ve realized too, that I don’t need a church to truly grow in the Lord. Although the fellowship with other believer’s seems necessary in my walk with the Lord, the teaching I so long for is right in my bedroom. The teacher? Jesus. The setting? The presence of God. The time? The Lord waits for me. And the outcome? Leaps of growth and refreshing, and a pouring out of blessings (for both parties).