Encouragement for today. A good reminder of His faithfulness.

Joel Nobis

15725371_927756993992517_1793406397_o.jpgSometimes the pain feels like a thousand pieces of glass just shattered their way into your body leaving you numb.

Sometimes the sadness feels like a dark gloom that seems to last for an eternity. Everyday with no promise of sunshine breaking through.

Sometimes the heartache feels like every good thing you ever had was slowly ripped away from you and you had to stand there and watch it all happen.

Sometimes the trials seem too overwhelming. Like an ocean wave that brings you under. Only it feels like you’ll never come back to the surface.

Sometimes the sorrow is so real you’ve cried more tears than you thought was ever possible, and they just keep coming.

Sometimes the doubt seems like a chain on your neck. Ripping you back into its endless abyss every time that you try and run towards the smallest glimpse of hope.

Yes, sometimes you…

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I am a 31 year old wife of 10 years and mom of 3 kids. I put God first and everything else falls into place. He is my rock! I love photography, singing/songwriting, and writing all together, which is why I'm doing this blog thing, here goes... View all posts by Cheryl

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